If you are a supporter of the Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken, you cannot make a more effective donation than symbolically adopting an Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken. Every penny of your donation goes directly to organizations that propagate this endangered grouse and every penny must be used on propagation efforts.

Currently, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (Glenn Rose, Texas), Sutton Avian Research Center (Bartlesville, OK), Caldwell Zoo (Tyler, Texas), and the Houston Zoo are propagating Attwater’s Prairie-Chickens. Newly hatched chicks are transported to the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge near Eagle Lake, Texas and to  private lands in Goliad County, Texas monitored by the Texas Nature Conservancy. Once there, they are acclimated in pens for two-weeks and then released.

You may symbolically adopt an Attwater’s Prairie-Chicken in your name, a family member, friend, in the name of an organization, or as a memorial. If you designate other than yourself as the “Adopter,” the Certificate of Adoption will be sent to them and the acknowledgement to you. You may fill out the form on this website, select PayPal, make your donation by credit card, and you will be emailed both a Certificate of Adoption and an acknowledgement of your donation.

If you select the option to pay by check or money order; you will need to download the form, fill it out and mail it along with your check or money order, for a minimum of $100, made out to the Friends of APCR, at P.O. Box 212, Eagle Lake, TX 77434. Please print “Adopt” in the remarks section of your check or money order.

Your name or the name of your designated “Adopter,” will be displayed on the “Wall of Honor,” along with the month and year of the adoption, for a minimum of one year.



How can I help the Attwater’s prairie-chicken?

Participating in the Adopt-A-prairie-chicken program helps fund captive breeding programs that are vital to the Attwater’s prairie-chicken’s survival. Those wanting to help the Attwater’s prairie-chicken can adopt a bird through the program and in so doing provide much-needed resources for future generations of Attwater’s prairie-chickens.

Education is also critical for this species. Tell those in your community about the pressures this bird faces and the potential for extinction that exists on the prairie today. Encourage others to become involved in supporting the species. Reach out to the Refuge or Friends if you know of groups that would be interested in learning more about this incredible species.

Where do the funds go?

100% of funds donated to the Adopt-A-Prairie-Chicken program are distributed directly to organizations that propagate this endangered grouse.

What do I get with my adoption?

Adopters receive a certificate recognizing their contribution, updates on the successes of the  programs that benefit from your donation, and a one year gift membership to Friends of the Attwater Prairie Chicken Refuge.

Can I adopt anonymously?

Yes, simply enter ‘Yes’ in the anonymous adoption field at checkout.